Yueqiu Group hold a meeting of 2018 Summary and 2019 Plan at the Nanxun Garden Hotel



Yueqi Group's 2018 summary commendation  and 2019 work deployment meeting was held at the Nanxun Garden Hotel in Huzhou On January 13, 2019.

At the meeting, all the managers of each departments conducted a summary report on the work in 2018. While reporting the results, they reviewed  the problems existing in the work of the department,and planned the work in 2019, and put forward suggestions on the future development of the company.

    General Manager Mr.Shao Mingyuan conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the work of each departments in 2018, and commended and rewarded each department according to the annual evaluation score.

    Then  the general manager released the No. 1 document of the company in 2019, clarified the company's 2019 business policy and objectives, and deployed the work of each departments, and put forward clear requirements. It is hoped that all the employees of the team will unite and work together to overcome difficulties. Strive to achieve the goal, ensure the completion of the company's business objectives in 2019, and create new achievements.

    At the meeting, the executive vice president issued the 2019 target decomposition plan for each department and the 2019 quality indicators. The office released the work arrangements before and after the Spring Festival, and the meeting was successfully concluded.