Opening ceremony of Yueqiu (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, The semi-annual meeting of Yueqiu Motor and Yueqiu investment was held in Shanghai


The opening ceremony of Yueqiu (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was held in Zhengrong Center of Shanghai Central Business District on July 22, 2018.

In the warm applause and cheers, Mr.Shao Mingyuan, general manager of Yueqiu Group and Mr.Zhang Ju, the investment director of Yueqiu investment officially launched of Yueqiu (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Yueqiu (Shanghai) Co., Ltd will carry investment, research and development, international sales and other services, which is another important measure for the company's further international development.


At the opening ceremony, the general manager: Mr. Shao Mingyuan, ,delivered a speech, which clarified the development direction of Yueqiu (Shanghai) Co., Ltd and portrayed the good wishes of Yueqiu (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


The top-management members of Yueqiu Motor, Yueqiu home Appliance, Yueqiu Investment and Yueqi Real Estate attended the opening ceremony.


Finally, the general manager:Mr. Shao Mingyuan , held separate meetings of the work summary of first half of 2018 and the work deployment of second half of 2018 for Yueqiu Motor Co.,ltd and Yueqiu Investment Co.,ltd.