Our Company Attends 2016 Poland Homelife Furniture Exhibition


During the period of 7th ~ 9th-Jun-2016, the company organized senior management and sales of the elite to participate in Poland (China Furniture exhibition) exhibition. At the exhibition, our company had a cordial talks to discuss future product and industry development direction and mode of cooperation with a number of internationally renowned washing machine company. Our energy efficient household electrical appliances by the new customers in Europe and Southeast Asia's favor, in particular, our new front-loading inverter washing machine motor, with advanced technology and excellent quality, we reach cooperation intentions in the field with many customers. Years of experience in overseas exhibitors, not only is the strength of the company's performance, furthermore, improved company’s overseas market, lay a solid foundation for accelerating the process of globalization.

Professionalization leads to excellence, Huzhou Yueqiu Motor is willing to work with friends at home and abroad in the pursuit of excellence on the road to work together to create brilliant.